Constitution of the Baptist Student Fellowship of UNC-Asheville

Article I. Name - The Baptist Student Fellowship (BSF) of The University of North Carolina at Asheville (UNCA) is an organized campus ministry available to all students at UNC Asheville. 

Article II. Purpose - To aid in relating the Christian Gospel in our lives and to the lives of those around us, to strengthen and unify the work of the members, to provide a ministry to individuals in the campus community, nurturing them in the Christian life and faith. 

Article III. Membership - The membership in the Baptist Student Fellowship shall consist of all students who are interested in the activities and sincerely wish to be involved in the Baptist Student Fellowship. Membership in the Baptist Student Fellowship shall not be dependent upon the payment of membership dues. 

Article IV. Leadership Team - The Leadership Team shall be made up of the following eleven (11) positions: President, Vice President, Secretary/Treasurer, Worship Facilitator, Publicity Committee Chair, Missions and Outreach Committee Chair, Socials Coordinator, Discipleship Coordinator, Webmaster, Intramurals Coordinator, and New and International Students Advisor. 

The Leadership Team shall meet at a time set by its members. These meetings shall be held on a regular basis, as often as is needed to fulfill the objectives of the leadership (preferably weekly). 

Article V. Responsibilities of the Leadership Team - President- The primary duty is to inspire, direct, and coordinate the efforts of the Baptist Student Union Leadership Team and general membership in accomplishing the purpose and objectives of the organization. Furthermore, the President is to assist each Leadership Team Member to perform their duties to the best of their ability. The President will preside at all Leadership Team meetings and anytime there is a business meeting of the Baptist Student Fellowship. In addition, the President will make BSF-related announcements during the Baptist Student Fellowship weekly worship service or coordinate announcements to be made by the Leadership Team Members. 

Vice-President- Will act in the absence of the President and assume duties of the President during that absence. Also, the Vice President will be responsible for coordinating lunches provided by local churches and for coordinating meals prior to the weekly worship service. 

Secretary/Treasurer- Takes the minutes and attendance during Leadership Team meetings and reports them after every Leadership Team meeting; reminds Leadership Team of upcoming duties for the week; reports on financial matters in accordance with the regulations established by the school and attends any budget-related meetings. 

Worship Facilitator- Encourages spiritual growth through worship services, and special events. The Worship Facilitator will not be required to lead every Encounter (weekly worship service) but is responsible for working with a Worship Team to plan and carry out weekly Encounter programs. Also, the Worship Facilitator is responsible for sending notes of appreciation to guest speakers and/or performers. 

Publicity Committee Chair- Is the Coordinator of the Publicity Committee, leading it to use various avenues to inform the campus about events sponsored by the Baptist Student Fellowship. This person will serve (or appoint someone else to serve) as the organization's representative to any council or committee meeting of the campus which coordinates student activities or which coordinates student organizations. 

Missions and Outreach Committee Chair- This individual has the duty of planning and organizing all mission activities in which the Baptist Student Fellowship is involved. The Missions and Outreach person shall help coordinate and plan a spring break mission trip. This person is also responsible for fundraisers for summer missions. In addition, this person will find ways to serve the community and minister to churches, such as establishing a drama/ministry team. 

Socials Coordinator- Is responsible to work with the Socials Team to plan and organize all social activities in which the Baptist Student Fellowship is involved. Activities should be scheduled throughout the school year to promote fellowship and build community among BSF members. 

Discipleship Coordinator – Is responsible for leading a small group Bible study each semester and helping other interested students coordinate Bible study groups on and off campus. 

Webmaster – Has the duty of managing and continually updating the website of the

Intramurals Coordinator – This individual is responsible for organizing intramural sports teams to represent the Baptist Student Union on the UNCA campus and for attending any intramural sports-related meetings. 

New and International Students Advisor – Is responsible for forming relationships with new students, establishing a mentoring program for new students, and planning social events for new students. In addition, this person is responsible for outreaching to and forming relationships with international students on the UNCA campus. This individual should also work to build relationships with the leaders of international student organizations on the UNCA campus. 

Article VI. Nomination and Election of the Leadership Team - A new Leadership Team will be nominated and elected at a time in the spring semester that is set by the existing Leadership Team. Any member of the Baptist Student Fellowship is eligible for any position, except when graduating or holding a position on another like-faith organization during the same year of BSF Leadership Team service. 

Candidates may either apply for positions or be nominated by BSF members. Nominations and applications will be submitted at the meeting place before the time of election. 

A Review Committee will be formed to hold interviews of the nominated persons and applicants. This committee will conduct interviews with the students within two weeks of the submission of nomination forms and applications. The Campus Minister(s), outgoing BSF President, and at least two other persons chosen by the Leadership Team shall form the committee. This committee shall propose a final ballot to present to the BSF membership for approval. 

The Leadership Team will be elected by a majority vote of the members present and voting. Voting will be executed by secret ballot. 

There will not be an election between two people for the same position. 

Article VII. Resignation or Removal and Replacement of Leadership Team Members Any Leadership Team Member may resign from his or her position if he or she feels unable to perform his or her duties. This resignation is made official through the submission of a formal resignation letter sent to the Leadership Team. 

Also, a Leadership Team Member may be asked to relinquish his or her position by the Leadership Team if he or she intentionally fails to perform his or her duties. A majority vote by the current Leadership Team would result in that team member being removed from the Leadership Team. 

Leadership Team Members are required to attend group leadership meetings and their individual ministry meetings with the Campus Minister. Missing more than two of these meetings per semester will result in a Team Member being asked to relinquish his or her position, following a majority vote of all Leadership Team Members. 

If a Leadership Team Member leaves his or her position, for whatever reason, the Leadership Team may elect not to replace the person if they believe a reassignment of responsibilities among the present Leadership Team will be acceptable or if the time left to be served is inadequate for reopening that position. 

However, if the Leadership Team deems that the position needs to be filled, the Leadership Team shall inform the Baptist Student Union members of the vacancy. Any member interested in assuming the duties of that position may apply to the Campus Minister or may be nominated by a BSU member. The Baptist Student Union members shall be given at least one week to submit nomination forms or applications for that vacant position. After the Campus Minister(s) and the President interview applicants and/or nominees, a recommendation will be made to the Leadership Team. Upon approval, the recommendation will be presented to the BSU members. 

Article VIII. Budget Local churches, the Buncombe Association, UNCA, individuals, and the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina may allocate funds for the organization (no dues are required for membership). The Campus Minister and Leadership Team will lead the organization through fundraising activities. 

Article IX. Advisors 
The organization will meet the requirements of the school in selecting advisors. The Campus Ministry Team Leader of the Baptist State Convention of North Carolina will be involved in the selection of any advisors from outside the school. All advisors will be guided in their duties by the policies of the school and the board of directors or WNCBCM.

Article X. Ratification and AmendmentsThis constitution shall be ratified or amended by a two-thirds majority of the membership present and voting at a planned meeting. Any person or group of persons may submit an amendment to the constitution by giving it to the Campus Minister and Leadership Team at least three days prior to a meeting. If the amendment is passed by the Leadership Team (by at least a two-thirds vote), the Leadership Team is to publicize the suggested amendment to the Baptist Student Fellowship in written form. There must be a one-week notice of the proposed change before members can vote on the amendment. 

Once ratified or amended, a copy of the constitution shall be submitted to the appropriate office of the school and a copy shall be given to the board of directors of WNCBCM.

The Leadership Team shall review this constitution yearly and make any corrections necessary.