Baptists in North Carolina have been active in Campus Ministry for decades. WNCBSF Is a Non-Profit continuing those efforts in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.

Our Mission

WNCBSF is a collaborative outreach of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina and many Baptist churches across Western North Carolina. We exist to provide college students with opportunities for Christian community to develop through evangelism, Bible study, worship, missions, and spiritual reflection.

Our Core Values

We intentionally seek a way of following and sharing Jesus that honors our core values. We strive to be:

  • Relational: Knowing that the best things in life come from our relationships, we foster genuine and heartfelt community through regular fellowship together.

  • Flexible: As we follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we remain open to innovation and change in our methods of doing ministry.

  • Encouraging: We practice the presence of Christ by encouraging one another towards the fullness of life found in Christ.

  • Embodied: As we strive to live fully present to others, we share the hope, peace, and love we find in Jesus with those we encounter.

  • Challenging: In the on-going work of knowing and becoming like Christ, we engage questions, encourage contemplation, and explore vocation.

  • Service Oriented: We live out Jesus' call to love our neighbors by living mercy and seeking justice through participation in local, domestic, and international missions.

  • Ecumenical: Baptist churches of differing theologies and affiliations support this ministry because we value collaboration. However, that collaboration is not limited to Baptist life; we value the diversity found in the Body of Christ and welcome voices from a variety of traditions.

  • Free: Being Baptist means to honor freedom. This includes the freedom of each person for and from religion, the freedom to relate directly to God, and the freedom to interpret and apply scripture under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.